2021/22 Selection Policy

Selection Policy 2021-22


Selection is one of the most important elements of club operations. However, it can be one of the most contentious as well. The aim of this written Policy is to make the selection process clear and transparent for all club members to understand.

Players are defined as financial members of the club who are registered within MyCricket as a player for Tuggeranong Valley Cricket Club.

Players are to be available for all grades on the days they make themselves available. This means if they mark themselves available, they will play where selected. Selections will be made with the best interests of the club in mind. Personal relationships will not come into selections.

The Objectives and Criteria for Selections will be the main considerations throughout the selection process.

An open and communicated selection policy is to assist with the further growth and development of our club culture.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee for this season will consist of the following members whilst continuing to gain insight and input from all grade Captains as needed:

  • Chairman – Richard Austin
  • Committee members – John Kidd and Coaches.

The Seniors Operations Committee may appoint additional members if needed at different times of the year, depending on the need.


The Selection Process starts with Availability.

An email requesting “Availability” will be sent from MyCricket on the weekend prior to the match day and requires action prior to 7pm Sunday night. Availability can be prefilled for the season by following the link at the bottom of the email.

Any time a member is unavailable we request that you advise why in the comments.

If there is no information in the Availability section of MyCricket the player risks not being selected as the committee will assume the player is unavailable.

The Chairman of Selectors will then email the committee with the availabilities and an outline of sides as discussed in previous meetings whilst accommodating the players unavailable. This information will then be discussed to determine the best balance for each side.

Selections Process

The selection committee will meet, select and name teams by Tuesday night’s training.

If issues impact selection teams may be announced shortly thereafter. It may come down to naming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade teams on Tuesday with 4th and 5th Grade teams to follow later in the week depending on the ability to name balanced teams or a similar format of announcements.

Teams will be named on MyCricket which includes a selection email sent to all registered playing members.

Objective of Selections

This Seasons Selection Objectives are as follows:

  1. Select Balanced Competitive Cricket Teams,
  2. Win as many games across all Grades to compete for the Club Championship,
  3. Identify and develop future Leaders of our Club, and
  4. Help nurture and develop our youth into good young adults and cricketers.

Criteria for Selection

When selecting sides the committee will be considering a number of criteria factors with no single element over ruling the others. Meaning performances will not save a player from being dropped or suspended if problems arise in regards to a player’s behaviour and or attitude.

The criteria the committee will consider during selections are below:

  • Performances
  • Training Attendance and Effort
  • Administrative Requirements
  • Behaviour and Attitude
  • Registration and Financial Status

Membership Fees

Tuggeranong Valley Cricket Club (TVCC) is a non-for-profit organisation with limited income streams. As such TVCC rely on player membership fees to help run the club to ensure we can provide the best services we can. TVCC is very competitive, if not the most competitive on Membership Fees and as such when it comes to selections and competition for spots the financial member will in most cases be looked upon more favourably for selection.

To be considered “Financial”, meaning you are a full member you will either need to have paid your membership in full or have a payment plan in place with the Club Treasurers.

For members who are Casual Members and paying as they play, you’ll be considered un-financial if you have not paid your last invoice.


Suspensions will be determined by Cricket ACT and or the TVCC Disciplinary Committee.

At no point can the Selection Committee override a determination from the Disciplinary Committee without its Approval.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to refer a player to the Disciplinary Committee with regards to behaviour and attitude. Whilst also reserving the right to drop or suspend that player from selections pending the Disciplinary Committee hearing outcome.