Selection Process

The purpose of this document is to outline our selection process and ensure we have a clear plan of how we select teams and manage balance & opportunity. As a club, we are stiving to ensure each individual is in a grade & position that best suits the requirements of the team, development of the player and provides all parties with a positive experience on game day. To ensure we can have an effective selection process, our captains, coaches, and selection group need to be on the same page.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee for this Season consists of the following members:

  • Chairman – Richard Austin
  • Committee members – Jake Floros & Greg Lemin.

As noted below input from the Captains will be a fundamental & important input for the Selection Committee.

Selections Process

The selection process in order:

Step 0 –Player Availability

  • Players are to complete & submit the Availability form issued by email.
  • Captains are to regularly remind players to ensure that their availability is accurate and up to date.

Step 1–Captains send in their proposed teams in batting order

  • All captains are to send their proposed teams (in batting order) to the selectors email ( by the Monday night before the start of any Round, which will then be shared with the selection group.
  • All captains are to send any comments on players they propose should either go up or down grades, batting orders or bowling orders for selectors to discuss.

Step 2 –Selection meeting

  • Selectors meet every Tuesday night at 8.30pm to discuss the teams and make any proposed changes they feel necessary to take back to the captains for discussion.
  • Selectors ensure they have all availability matched up with proposed teams.
  • Selectors will generate proposed 5thgrade & women’s team to be sent to relative captains for discussion.
  • The Chairman of Selectors will send proposed teams to captains for discussion and any changes communicated with relevant captains.

Step 3 –Teams sent out to all players

  • Teams will be sent out to players and teams uploaded to PlayHQ.
  • Captains will communicate with teams for details of the weekends match.
  • Any players that move up or down grades will be communicated with individually by either a captain or selector which will be discussed who the appropriate person is internally.

Selection considerations

When selecting sides, the Selection Committee will be considering a number of criteria with no single element overruling the others. The criteria the Selection Committee will consider during selections are:

  • Previous performances.
  • Team balance.
  • Opportunity for each individual/ Player’s Role within the team.
  • Requirement for each team (more batters, more bowlers etc.)
  • Training commitment.
  • Behavior & Attitude (i.e. Commitment to set up/pack up before & after training and matches.)
  • Availability commitment -having availability in at least a week before. Short notice of availability changes for unforeseen commitments/injuries/illness is accounted for.
  • Registration


  • If you have any questions about selections, contact the Chairman of Selectors via email at

Player Availability 2023-24

Please click on the below link to insert your availability for the months required.